Motion Control Blog or Electric Motors Blog: Why you Need One

This is the first blog post on the Motion Mechatronics website. In it, I’ll explain why you must have an electric motors or motion control blog as part of your own website. I’ll also give you an idea of what you can expect to see in future posts on this particular electric motors and motion control blog.

Simply put, a blog is “a regularly updated website or web page, typically one run by an individual or small group, that is written in an informal or conversational style.” The important points being regularly updated and by an individual or small group.

I started blogging about 15 years ago, using a controlled access blog as a means of communicating competitive intelligence in the small motors market to a widely dispersed sales team. I’ll cover how and why you’ll want to do that in a subsequent blog post.

Motion Control Blog Electric Motor Blog

The purpose of the motion control blog or electric motors blog I’m saying you have to have is to communicate worthwhile information. If it’s good information your prospects and customers who visit your site and your blog will appreciate it and simply put you will reap the rewards in the form of new and/or continued business.

But the objective of your blog which will pay the greatest benefits is SEO (search engine optimization). In a nutshell, by having regularly updated useful information on your website you’ll rank higher in search results. It only makes sense for Google’s search algorithm to conclude that a site with information that has been updated weekly or monthly is going to be a better result for a user than one which has been dormant for the past 12 months!

The sad reality is that in some companies it’s a difficult task to have a blog implemented on the website — or at least that’s what you’re told. In those instances, I can justify “going rogue” by creating my own motion control blog (header example below) to get some enhanced SEO for the corporate site.

motion control blog

I’ll cover how to overcome some of those problems in getting a blog set up and content created in another post. For my inaugural post here I want to stress how important it is for your company to have a blog. Practicing what I preach, you can expect to see a regular stream of new blog posts here. So, take a moment to enter your email address in the box at the upper right and you won’t miss any.

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