Motor and Motion Industry Publications

John Morehead has authored or significantly contributed to the following publications. They offer a variety of observations and insights based on extensive manufacturer and customer experience in the motors and motion industry.

The Smart World of Motors and Motion Control, On-Demand Webinar, Design News, August, 2019

Small IPM Gearmotors: Not for Everyone, Ideal for Many, Brother International Corporation, 2019

Where Internal Permanent Magnet Motors Make Sense, Design World, December 2018

Gearmotors Pulling, Pushing—and Controlling—Their Weight,  Power Transmission Engineering, October 2018

Trends in Electric Motors: Networking, IoT, and Sensing Takes Motor-Driven Designs to New Heights, Motion Control Tips, March, 2016

Big Changes for Small Motors, Appliance Design Magazine, January 2016

Diagnosing the Health of Medical Motors, Power Transmission Engineering, March 2015

Brushing Aside an Old Style of Medical Device Motors, Medical Product Manufacturing News, April 2014

Solar Tracker Motors & Drives, Solar Power World, January 2013

Machines Building Machines (and we’re not talking about the Matrix), Manufacturing Revival Radio Podcast, November 2012

Designing with Solar Tracking Motors, Power Electronics, June 2012

Brushless Motors with Integral Motion Controls Benefit Medical Product Development, Medical Design Technology, June 2012

Brushless Motors with Integral Controls, the Third Wave of Distributed Motion, Electronic Products, April 2012

Best of Times Worst of Times, Gear Technology, November 2011

Growth and Investment in Solar Applications, Power Transmission Engineering, September 2011

Tips On Selecting Custom Gearmotors, NASA Tech Briefs, December 2009

The Path (Abroad) to Prosperity, Crain’s Chicago Business, November 2009

10 Things Everybody Ought to Know About Custom Gearmotors,, September 2009

Design World Podcast – Custom Gearmotors, DesignWorldOnline, August 2009

Advances in Technology Spur New Look at Drives and Motors, Control Design, August 2009

YouTube for Engineers, Automation World, February 2009

How Green is Your Gearmotor?, Machinery and Equipment MRO Magazine, February 2009

Improving Gearmotor Efficiency, Electronic Products, December 2008