Strategic Growth Consulting,
Execution & Implementation for the
Global Electric Motor Industry

For 25 years, John Morehead has helped
leading American, European and Asian
electric motor manufacturers significantly
grow their businesses with winning
strategies and successful implementation
–from UAV drone motors and ESCs
to 800 Volt EV motor systems
and everything in between

Motors and Mechatronics

Previously discrete components like electric motors, gearing and controls are now converging with software and communication protocols into value-added mechatronic systems. This presents new growth potential for current manufacturers of small motors and/or gears and motor controls. But, that doesn’t mean one has to master all the elements alone. We can identify and facilitate relationships with the partners that will complement your products and allow you to profit from this paradigm shift.

Growth Opportunities

Aside from not leaving money on the table in your core business, there are other exciting developments from which the properly prepared motors and drives manufacturer can benefit. In the near term, electric motor actuation is rapidly overcoming inherent faults and limitations in hydaulics and pneumatics. Not far off, motors and drives will see disruptive new technology development and production economics coming as a side benefit to the forecast explosive electric vehicle growth.


Experience includes, but is not limited to, fractional horsepower AC induction and synchronous, brush and brushless DC, axial airgap designs, stepper, switched reluctance, and servo motors, gearmotors and integral control smart motors.


Experience includes spur, helical and planetary inline and offset parallel shaft gearing, as well as worm, bevel, hypoid, combination worm and planetary right angle gear designs in gearmotor as well as separable gearbox configurations.


Experience includes AC variable frequency drives, SCR and PWM brush DC speed controls, brushless DC speed controls, analog and digital servo drives, motor integral positioning controls, CANopen, Profibus, and EtherCAT communication protocols.